bill murray photo opportunity

Bill Murray + Me + A Boxcar

We’d like to thank Erica Falke for sharing her story.

A few months ago, my roommate and I attended a fundraiser in Las Vegas for a celebrity who was going for stem cell treatment the following day. This place was just FULL of celebrities. I was pretty star-struck. The most famous chefs from chef shows were catering the party, the biggest rock stars in the world performed. I was just looking around in awe.

I’m sipping on the best tomato soup I’ve ever had, courtesy of Wylie Dufresne, and I see Bill Murray walking right toward me. I said “Hello Bill Murray”. He said hello back. I thought, “I need a picture. There’s no way I can leave this night without a picture of Bill Murray.” So fast-forward 30 minutes. Rock bands are playing. I go toward the side of the stage and there’s Bill Murray again. I wave.

He has his friend hold his drink, stands in front of me, grabs my coat and starts shaking me while saying “Where can I find a boxcar where we both can live?!!!” I have no idea what he was talking about – maybe my plaid shirt, maybe the fact that I was under-dressed for such a posh party. No idea. I was just happy to have my own Bill Murray story.

All the pictures came out awful. But I happened to see him again as I was leaving the party, maybe an hour later. He was just getting into his car, and I asked if I could get one more photo since those others were such crap. He agreed. My roommate took the shot. Success. As he got into the passenger side of his car, he looked back and said, “We need to find that boxcar.” I said, “I have total confidence in you, Bill.” He said, “It all starts with a dream.” And they drove off.

bill murray photo opportunity