Bill’s Trip to the Pharmacy

We’d like to thank Rosemary for today’s story.

I am a pharmacist at a retail chain pharmacy. One Monday morning a few years ago a man stood at my consultation window and asked me where the neti-pots were located. I looked up, and thought he looked a lot like Bill Murray. But why would he be in Joliet, Illinois?

My technician went out to help him, and asked me as she left if I thought it was Bill. So she asked him, and he confirmed that he was. He returned to the pharmacy counter and asked where the sewing kits and nail clippers were. Another one of the technicians offered to get the items for him.

Then he asked me what I thought of the neti-pot, and if I thought he should get an H1N1 flu shot. He paid for his items with his credit card, so the tech saw the name on the card. I told him my sons were big fans of Ghostbusters, to which he replied, “Are they alright?” We all wanted to ask for autographs and take pictures, but we were trying to stay professional.