Kapalua golf course

Kapalua Wedding Crasher

We’d like to thank Ray Bolognone for sharing this story.

This was back around 2001-2002; I was at the Bay course in Kapalua Maui at a golf outing and, low and behold, saw Bill Murray teeing off on #1. So I followed Bill, along with maybe 20 other people. He was wearing his typical Bill Murray golf attire, shorts, baggy shirt, and a hat that had openings on both sides. His hair was sticking out of both sides.

A few holes in, Bill noticed a wedding taking place at the chapel off of the 3rd hole. Bill said, “Look a wedding”, “I think we’re all invited.” So we all followed Bill over to the wedding. The wedding guests, who happened to be Japanese, were are all outside the chapel taking pictures.

Bill walks right over to the bride and groom, takes the bride in his hands, leans her over and sorta kisses her, stands her back up and says, “There, now she’s all warmed up for you.”

Everyone was in total shock, just staring at this crazy-looking American. Slowly the photographer whispered something to the bride and groom, and then they looked at Bill and said “Ahhhh Caddyshack! Caddyshack!” Then all the guests started saying “Caddyshack”, over and over as Bill turned to each side and gave a big Broadway-style bow. It was great!

As we walked away from the wedding party, I said, “Man you can get away with anything!” to which he responded “Yep, just about.”

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    1. Not brash, but he does it all the time. There are videos and pictures all over the internet. Hell i followed a buzzfeed article about him crashing random parties and weddings to get here.

      1. Yeah, again he doesn’t CRASH these events – he just happens to be at the same venue or someone ‘bothers’ him into making an appearance; he doesn’t ‘plan’ these either

    2. This is a 100% true story, why would I make this up lol the whole thing only lasted like 10mins and we were off to the next hole. The chapel is located between the 3rd and 4th holes on the Bay course so you have to walk right by it….

  1. i have to agree with you on this one, i work at earth fare in Charleston, SC and he comes there quite often when he is in town. He has a home downtown, he’s really down to earth and you can tell he’s a natural at being a comedic, he gives a good laugh. I have a “selfie” with him from my phone, it was funny because at work i play my music with my headphones in, and when i saw him i asked for a picture as he was chatting with other customers and i introduced myself to him and asked for a picture, he said sure let’s do it. i pulled my phone out all in a nervous henge and he jokes and ask “what are you wired to that thing” i was like haha nah and we got the phone

  2. Well this is totally a true story! they even had a picture of Bill kissing the bride on the front page of the Maui news the next day! I was there and this is true! Bill?

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