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Neighborhood Tour

We’d like to thank Kamian (Mikki) Allen for today’s story – Which just so happens to be the 100th posted on this site.

As an 11-year-old, I met Bill Murray while he was filming Quick Change in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. My family had just moved to NY so that my father could attend seminary and I was blown away to live on a block where a movie with Bill Murray was being filmed.

I hung around the set for days and, after seeing Bill a few times and getting his autograph, I begged him to come with me on a tour of the grounds of my father’s school. Bill graciously agreed, but tragedy struck when I realized I’d forgotten the “master” key to get inside of each of the different buildings on campus. All I could do was walk him up to the different doors and tell him how awesome it was inside. He was patient and super funny about it, spending about 30 minutes on my lame tour.

My family thought that the story was ridiculous and, when my sister found an open casting call for a young girl to play Harrison Ford’s daughter in a film, she thought maybe I’d try my luck meeting Harrison. Thanks to my experience with Bill Murray, I actually went to the casting call on my own and wound up (after a lot of auditions) co-starring in J.J. Abram’s first film, Regarding Henry (directed by Mike Nichols) as the daughter of Harrison Ford and Annette Bening.

Bill Murray is one of the greatest people I’ve ever met and he completely changed my life.

8 thoughts to “Neighborhood Tour”

    1. I just watched the movie, I normally hate child actors because they act so poorly, but she did a fantastic job. She did so well that it compelled me to check and see what other acting roles she had, sadly she left the business after this one movie. if you google her name, and look at her LinkedIn profile you will find that she has made amazing contributions in many other areas, check it out.

  1. Just saw the movie in Medellín, Colombia. What a super nice movie, and loved Mikki’s role in it. Now reading your story about your chance meeting with Bill Murray, I say WOW!

    Wish you could have gone on to other movies.

  2. Saw the movie last night…I thought I had seen all the Harrison Ford movies, but this one I somehow missed. Really enjoyed it so much, all the actors were great, especially Mikki Allen…what a shame she never made any more films. Not much about her on the Web either.

  3. Love the movie regarding Henry. One of my favorite movies. Nikki you were awesome! Should be in more movies now after your successful career. Smart girl!

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