Our Son’s Seizure

We’d like to thank Mike Rundle for sharing this story.

Almost 10 years ago while staying at an Embassy Suites north of Chicago for a one-night stay, our kids wanted to use the fitness room. A short time later they came back excitedly saying that Bill Murray was in there. At first we didn’t believe them, but they kept insisting so I told them to go back and just be yourselves; not staring, etc.

After about 15 to 20 minutes they came back and told us they were able to talk with him and he was really nice. He told them they could approach/talk with him, but asked that they leave his son, who was there also, alone.

The next morning we were eating breakfast in the atrium of the hotel. My wife and kids had just sat down and I was still in line waiting when someone started yelling my first name. I rushed back to where we were seated and found my then 19-year-old son seizing. People were screaming for an ambulance and being a paramedic by trade, I said just that’s not necessary. My wife and I would take care of him and take him to the hospital.

As our son was still lying on the floor, we noticed Bill Murray by his feet speaking calming words and encouragement – to our son and us. It just showed us how special a person Bill Murray is. My son is fine and has had no lasting problems.

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  1. Bill Murray is angeleye63? Born Sep 21, just like me, but in 1954. Wonderful is the gift he shares with all of us, onscreen or offscreen. My family is from Chicago, Irish and love to eat a good dog with beer. Thank you Bill!!! Mary Lynn Dugan Lippert from San Clemente, Ca
    PS Will pray for you and remember you on our birthday, Sep 21!!!

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