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At a Starbucks

We’d like to thank Bill Seybolt for this story.

Years ago, I left my laptop open at a Starbucks while I left to get my drink. When I returned, Bill Murray was sitting in front of my screen tapping away on the keyboard. I looked over his shoulder as he anonymously posted a number of stories regarding encounters with himself. They ranged from tackling others, stealing food and other fun oddities. When he finished, he closed my laptop, stood up, and looked me in the eye. Then he said, “No one will ever believe you” and walked away.

One thought to “At a Starbucks”

  1. Moments shared like this and in stories following verify how blessed we are to have Bill Murray in this world. Must have been the Jesuits, snow in Chicago, oh no, not the Pabst, that has blessed him with a rare humility that shines so brilliantly through his humor.

    Will remember Bill always on his birthday, Sept 21, same as mine, with a Brat sand and a Guiness, ok maybe a Pabst. Hug with a prayer, Mary Lynn Dugan in San Clemente, CA. (Right off the ninth hole).

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