William Murray meets Bill Murray

We’d like to thank Kevin Nance for the following story.

I used to work with a really sweet middle-aged guy named William. I was training him when I found out his last name was Murray and laughed at how funny a coincidence it was (as if Bill Murray himself designed the joke). He then told he that he had actually met Bill Murray before.

He was in a bar in Chicago and saw Bill Murray by himself, so he decided to approach him. William Murray, who is very soft-spoken, went up to him, and said, “Hey man, you will never guess what my name is.” To which Bill Murray replied, “Shit for brains?”

William said, “Nah man, my name is Bill Murray”.

“Ok buddy, I am gonna’ need to see some ID”.

William told me that Bill bought him a couple of drinks and had him laughing the whole time by making fun of other people at the bar, though he couldn’t remember what was said.

One thought to “William Murray meets Bill Murray”

  1. Would love to run into Billy, but not for me, but for him, to thank him by singing a song from “Oklahoma”, share my memory of Jesuit humor from Loyola Marymount College, and being the middle, rebel, child of a big, loving irish family too, I would offer my empathy, encouragement, and prayers to continue to do God’s will. Bill Murray can conquer anything this world throws at him, with a convicted heart for faith, hope and love as he continues to hit home runs with his great works, beyond Wrigley Field, to Heaven’s field where “peace and quiet” will be his eternal blessing. Thank you Mr. Bill Murray!!! Love and prayers for you always, Mary Lynn Dugan Lippert, from San Clemente, Ca, with same birthday 9/21, don’t know about those Cubs this year, and Bears messed up my Fantasy Football 2013/2014.

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