Working with Bill Murray at a Pizza Joint

We’d like to thank Margaret Sullivan for today’s story.

When my brothers Bill and Jim were in high school in Wilmette, IL they used to go for pizza all the time at this restaurant on Central Street. They would come home and tell stories of the “funniest guy of all time” who made their pizza. This person turned out to be Bill Murray, as he grew up in our town.

My brothers went there so often that when Bill saw them come in – he would sit down and read the paper – telling them to “make your own pizza”, which they did. They all laughed while he told them stories the whole time. When my brother was sick with cancer, a friend contacted his sister and told her this story. Bill Murray ended up calling him in the last few weeks of his life.

In their conversation he said to my brother, “Apparently we used to work together.” My brother said, “No, I did your work and you got paid”. Bill Murray thought that was very funny and they had a great conversation about all the characters that worked there. Bill Murray took time to call a dying person and spend a few minutes laughing together. I don’t think it gets any better than that. It will always be remembered.

Thanks Bill, ya knucklehead.