Bill Murray at 2016 Ryder Cup

Chanting for the Win at the Ryder Cup!

We’d like to thank Traci Edwards for sharing today’s story.

While photographing on the final day at the 2016 Ryder Cup for Montana Pritchard Photography, I was placed at the top of the stands on the first tee. While Montana was taking the official group portrait of the players about to tee off, there was an abrupt random chant amidst the USA chants.

The entire crowd was looking around trying to figure out whose voice was bursting through the crowd’s volume. I looked behind me and, at the very tip top of the stands three yards away, stood Bill Murray chanting with all of his being “Jim-my Walk-er!”

As the crowd realized who was starting the chant, they all followed suit – but you could still hear Bill above all. It was awesome to see a true lover of golf so passionately supporting the team with the rest of the crowd!