bill murray riverdogs baseball game

RiverDog Days of Summer

We’d like to thank Megan Evans for sharing today’s story.

My husband came home telling me that he received free tickets to a RiverDogs game from work. I was happy, we could use a fun night out, and the team was in the playoffs, doing so well, so we decided to go and meet a big group of his work friends.

When we got to our seats, I said “Hey, look, Bill’s here! I’m going to meet him tonight.” I was trying to pay attention to the game and have fun when, wouldn’t you know it, it was near the last inning. A friend and I saw him get up from his seat and we immediately started to get up from ours. This was it, now or never. I am from the Chicago area, a small town called Thornton. I decided I would tell him as a fellow Chicagoan how much I appreciate him.

So finally we decided to go down by him, I really didn’t want to be annoying or bother him, but just have a friendly hello, maybe a picture. We got to the row I’m front of him and I asked if I could take a photo with him. He simply said matter-of- fact like, “You know we have men on base here, right?”

My face turned red and I started to turn around and walk away when he said “Well, now you have to sit here and wait for it to finish.” And then as I sat back down, he patted me on the shoulder like a dad would. I was so overjoyed, how cool was this?

I sat back down and turned to tell him how I am also from Chicago and really wanted to meet him, and he asked what town. When I told him he said “Oh yeah, I know Thornton, they have a great basketball team.” WHAT?! Bill Murray knew where my little quarry town was, a town with about 2,000 people total? Thanks Bill, for the best baseball game of my life.

riverdogs baseball game