bill murray in a convertible

“Why is Bill Murray running the cash register?”

We’d like to thank Jay for sharing this story

In the middle of a summer day fishing for fluke on Vineyard Sound, we pulled our small boat into the quiet little fishing village of Menemsha on Martha’s Vineyard, MA. The focal point of Menemsha Harbor is the Texaco market. It’s a market, coffee shop, bait shop, marina, and gas station for both cars and boats.

We tied our boat to the dock and went in to get out of the sun and get some snacks for the kids. While I’m grabbing coffee, my son pops over and says, “Is that Bill Murray?” – just as my friend asks, “Why is Bill Murray running the cash register?”

So there’s the nation’s crazy uncle, wearing a bucket cap and a fishing vest, standing behind the counter ringing up the few customers in the shop. With the stores’ owner in the back room laughing we placed a candy bar and bottle of water on the counter. Bill rings it up as “That’ll be $147.51 please.”

As we laugh this big boorish muggle bursts in, throws his arm around Bill and steals a selfie. Justifiably annoyed, Bill responds, “C’mon man, you didn’t even ask. I’m on vacation here.” So, thanks to a rude ass, fun time at the register ends abruptly as Bill runs out and jumps into a brightly colored Volkswagen Thing and heads off.

“Why is Bill Murray running the cash register?” Because if you’re Bill Murray and you’re on vacation, you can.

bill murray in a convertible