Bill At Saint Paul Saints Game in Minneapolis

We’d like to thank Steve for sharing this story.

I met Bill at a Saint Paul Saints minor league baseball game in 1995 or 1996. The Saints are the minor league club for the Cubbies and Bill was half owner with Bill Veeck Jr.

My girlfriend at the time, Barb, and I went to Saints games a lot because we’re from Kansas City, the Twins sucked, we’re die-hard Royals fans (2015 World Series champions!), and it was just a fun atmosphere. The Saints pioneered a lot of the fun things minor league clubs do now – like sitting on couches in the bullpen and getting a haircut; putting your head on a baseball bat, spinning around in a few circles and then running dizzily down the 3rd base line while everybody loses it; etc.

Barb and I went to get tickets one afternoon and, as we’re walking away, here comes Bill and Veeck Jr. Bill had about a week’s worth of beard, was wearing a Hawaiian shirt and Green Bay Packers Zubaz pants (sweat pants with a crazy pattern on them). Still the coolest guy in the place. Barb saw him and was, for once, absolutely speechless. I said let’s go ahead and try and talk to him.

When Barb said hi, Bill was kind of quiet but observing everything. I told Barb to kiss him while I took a picture, but she was just frozen. Finally Bill laid a big smacker on her and she had the greatest look on her face ever. When she and I split up, it was sad but amicable. One of the only things she wanted was her pic with Bill. That was back when pictures weren’t digital and I’ve not seen that negative since. But I do have the memories.