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We run this site for fun and for the enjoyment of our readers, but there are some overhead costs involved – namely hosting. One of the ways we defray these costs is through a handful of banner ads, which you probably noticed in the sidebar or footer. When visitors click on these ads (or they are displayed enough times), we might receive some compensation. It’s not a ton of money, but it’s important for us to let you know.

Although Google manages the ad space (in terms of which advertisements are shown), we do our best to block individual ads that we feel might be misleading, offensive, or otherwise not in keeping with the positive atmosphere we try to cultivate here. If there’s an advertisement that keeps appearing that you think we should know about, please use the contact form and we will look into it.

Another way we help subsidize the cost of operating the site is by using affiliate links. So, for example, if you click on a link that goes to an ecommerce site and you buy something, the operators of this site could get a small commission. This does not influence any content that is posted or opinions that are expressed.


By submitting content to this site (stories, images, etc.) you hereby grant the operator of this site the non-exclusive right to publish your story, in whole or in part, here (billmurraystory.com) or in any other publication, commercial or otherwise, without compensation. Furthermore, your submission also implies that said content is yours and that you are authorized to give this permission.

In essence, what this means is that when you send us a story to post, you agree to let us post it. If you are especially awesome and include a photo with your story, you are saying that we can post that too. Stories are primarily posted here, but we might re-publish them (or parts of them) in other places too. We will always credit you as the the author.

Note: Your story is yours; even if you post it here, you can always still post it anywhere else you’d like (whenever you want).


This site has analytics software installed, namely Google Analytics. We use analytics for a number of reasons. For example, periods of high traffic to the site can sometimes lead to longer load times for visitors. Analytics helps us identify these issues and improve site performance.

As noted above, we use Google Ads on this site; Analytics also works with this network to help display the most relevant ads for visitors (based on geographic location, demographic profiles, and so forth). Click here for more information about the technology behind how Google does this, how they use the information, and what you can do to take control of how much (or how little) information you provide.

New technologies have made it easier for website operators to provide the most relevant content and overall user experience, which often includes some amount of marketing. We understand the desire to protect privacy on the web and feel that users should always be aware of what’s going on.

(Note: As an aside, you might want to check out Adblock Plus if you’re interested in a remarkably effective privacy tool. It’s worth noting that many sites depend on ads for support, plus there might be some tradeoffs in terms of user experience/convenience if you block certain cookies. Fortunately Adblock allows you to fine-tune what is/isn’t allowed.)