bill murray san diego airport

Bill in San Diego Airport

We’d like to thank Kelly for the following story.

It had been a long day. I live in Winnipeg, and was getting ready to surprise my snowbird parents in California with an Xmas visit. I had packed late, and didn’t get much sleep worrying about the trip. Then the fire alarm in my apartment building went off at 7am, so the day started by shuffling out into -40 degree weather.

Ugh. But I got on the plane, connected in Denver, and landed in San Diego at around 11pm my time. I had friends that were going to meet me there to take me to my parents place, but they were no where to be found. Ugh again.

But lo and behold, as I was looking around for them, there was… wait a minute… is that?…. YES! That’s the pro jock himself! That’s actually Bill Murray! He was graciously snapping pictures with folks. I asked if it would be all right, but he first wanted to make sure a demolition expert from the Armed Forces was taken care of. Classy guy.

A couple of other people butted in, and he was almost “pictured out” by the time I got to him, but he was a gamer until the end. He made note of my camera, I told him I bought it that morning, and then one of my bucket list moments was immortalized. Thanks Bill, you made a long day have a nice ending (and my friends showed up too, so all was great). The stories are true.

bill murray san diego airport

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  1. So I am at work and my co -worker is wearing this t shirt with a picture on it – and whose face was it – Bill Murray! My nephew Kelly retelling to me his San Diego event- plus Monday morning there is Bill ‘s mug on my coworkers T shirt. two Bill Murray events in the same time frame – how coincidental

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