Running Into Bill, NYC in The Year 2000

We’d like to thank Agnes for sharing this story.

It was November 2000. I was smoking a cigarette on Mercer Street in NYC with my friend Judy. We were outside of a (now shuttered) toy store named The Enchanted Forrest, waiting for a couple people who were still in the store. I was facing the storefront and Judy was facing the street when Bill strolled by.

He was wearing a longish peacoat and a cowboy hat. I had seen quite a few celebrities in Manhattan and I didn’t want to intrude on his life. Also, this was before everyone had a cellphone, ready to snap in an instant. So I simply called out, “Hey, Bill”.

He turned with a grin and I said, “I thought you were the best thing about Charlies Angles!” He actually tipped his hat as he and the woman on his arm walked off into the gently falling snow. If my Judy hadn’t been there, nobody would ever have believed me.